I am Gabu Milford, born in 1991 in the Czech republic. This is my quick portfolio.

You can also find my e-shop on this website, I have a fashion brand – original prints on textile.

I studied art for 13 years, finished with Bachelor´s degree (BcA.) at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2019. I mainly draw by hand, design in Photoshop and edit videos in Premiere.




Here is what I can do for you:

  • Design of prints on textile / Merch
  • YouTube / Article Thumbnails
  • Logos / Icons
  • Graphics and Digital illustrations
  • Book covers
  • Drawings and Illustrations
  • Photoshop retouch
  • Posters
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Social media templates
  • Video editing with simple graphics
  • Website design – I am not a programmer, I can design the look




Logos / Icons





  • I didn´t draw Don Jalapeňo and neither Doňa Elote. I corrected the outlines and came up with the colourful triangle visual which unified the logo and merch of this Mexican restaurant.















YouTube/Article Thumbnails









you can see my prints here: http://gabumilford.com/shop/












Graphics and Digital illustrations







  • Merch for Jiří Procházka (BJP). He currently competes in the UFC organization – he is the light heavyweight champion since June 2022. He became famous in Japan, where he lived and loves Japanese style.







  • Music CD and flash disc cover for a band.

  • A scale model for the flash driver.




  • Canadian travel agency merch for autumn.


  • Travel agency merch for winter.



  • Merch for drone filming company.




  • I digitalized this drawing I drew and created a music video with a little animation and lyrics for a music band I potrayed in it.



Video editting

  • I cut the scenes and added little animation/ graphics based on the melody of the music.

  • This is a short animated movie I made.

  • I edited videos for this channel.






Webdesign (just the design, I can´t program it)







Wedding Announcements


  • This painted wedding announcement is folded the way you open it like a door, where you find the wedding details.










  • This painting is a final picture of a stop motion animation with song lyrics.






Drawings and Illustrations







My bachelor´s project.

Velcro strickers on Tshirts.



Photoshop retouch



Gabu Milford